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IHH aid teams hit roads for Ramadan charity
Aid teams from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation have hit roads to take Ramadan charity to every corner of the world.
Africa, Europe, Balkans, South America, South Asia, Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East, Turkey 18.07.2012

IHH is reaching out to every part of the world to take Ramadan charity, donated by benevolent people. Preparations of the aid teams led to a joyful excitement in the IHH headquarters. The teams will be travelling to five continents, 72 countries and regions and share blessings of Ramadan with people in need, refugees and families of orphans.

IHH will carry out Ramadan relief activities across 72 countries and regions in the world and 78 provinces and districts in Turkey. IHH teams will take the donations and zakat of charity givers to the people in need in regions hit by disasters or poverty. Having completed their preparations, the teams have hit the roads with food packages in their hands and love in their hearts.

Preparations for Ramadan began in many countries and regions of the world from Asia to Africa, Balkans, Middle East, Latin America and Far East. Muslims are in a race of benevolence on the occasion of Ramadan. Charitable people who wish to strengthen fraternal ties with their coreligionists in far regions by helping them can deliver zakat, fitr and alms donations to any region they want through the IHH.

The IHH, which has been setting iftar tables and distributing food packs every Ramadan for the past 20 years, will once again put a smile on the faces of orphans and please impoverished families. Our teams will be guests at iftar tables of the needy with food packs in their hands, and live and help live the joy of Ramadan across the world.

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