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IHH and Human Appeal deliver relief in Syria
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Australia-based relief organization Human Appeal delivered relief items to Syrians in various parts of the country.
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 11.01.2013

 The relief items delivered by IHH and Human Appeal include 20,000 packages of cooking oil, 100 tons of flour and 5,000 blankets.

IHH is stepping up its efforts to take relief to Syrian people who have been suffering from acts of violence in their country for months. In addition to launching aid campaigns in Turkey for Syria, IHH is also cooperating with international relief organizations to take aid to Syrians.

The delivery of aid items in inner parts of Syria and in villages of Idlib was made by officials from IHH’s Hatay desk and officials from Human Appeal.

Receiving the aid packages, a sixty-year-old Syria woman, Fatıma, said: “We offer our thanks to people who came from Australia and brought us aid. May Allah be pleased with those who came from such a long distance to share our pain and help us.”

Most of the aid items will be delivered in Aleppo, Hama and Homs under IHH’s supervision.


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