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IHH Delivers Aid To 129 Orphans In Kyrgyzstan
IHH aid team again delivered clothing items, toys, gift items and blankets to another 129 orphans in Kyrgyzstan where hundreds of people were killed and injured during the violent ethic clashes last w
Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia 26.06.2010

As the violence subsides in the southern parts of Kyrgyzstan, the region is now in the process of stabilizing. Hundreds were killed during the ethnic clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbek groups and thousands were injured. Thousands of families have fled their homes running away from the violence, they are now in search for new homes.

IHH Foundation has sent an emergency relief team consisting of 2 doctors and 2 paramedics to the region as soon as the violence broke out. Members of the IHH relief team who have been in Kyrgyzstan for over a week now, delivered aid supplies to 1000 families and food, clothing, medicines and toys for 62 orphans in Osh and Jalalabad cities.  

Relief team continues its work by delivering aid supplies to another groups of 129 orphans brought to the Capital Bishkek from Osh and Jalalabad. IHH relief team first visited 67 orphans who have been placed into the 21st School for Hearing Impaired Children in Bishkek. Those children were brought from Osh. They were delivered clothing items, medicines, gifts, toys and blankets by IHH. Also food aid has been given to the school that accommodates them.

IHH team also distributed clothes, medicine, toys and gifts to another 62 orphans who have been taken to Issyq Kul. Also food aid has been provided to the school that accommodates them.

Kyrgyzstan’s Youth Minister Alyasbek Alimkulov was also present during the distribution of aid supplies. Alimkulov expressed his thanks to IHH for its efforts in delivering aid to the region.

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