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IHH delivers aid to Gaza
In the attacks carried out by the occupying Israel against Gaza, 44 people, including 14 children, were martyred and 360 people were injured. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which took action immediately in the aftermath of the attacks, launched emergency relief efforts for the people of Gaza.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza 09.08.2022

According to a statement from the Gaza Ministry of Health, 44 people were martyred and 360 people were injured in Zionist Israeli attacks on Gaza between August 5 and 7. 14 of the martyrs are children and 4 are women. Israel, which has targeted civilian settlements in Gaza in its attacks, has also hit agricultural land that provides a source of income for the city. Authorities in Gaza announced that 71 houses were rendered dysfunctional by Israeli attacks, 16 settlements were destroyed and one thousand 400 homes were damaged.


Support was given to hospitals

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has launched relief efforts following the occupying Israeli forces' attacks on Gaza. While the IHH provided medicines and medical equipment to the hospitals affiliated to the Gaza Ministry of Health, it also distributed hot meals, financial aid, diapers, beds and food packages to the wounded treated in the hospitals. The foundation's relief efforts in Gaza continue.


Assistance will be provided in different fields

The aid planned by the IHH for the people of Gaza in the coming days is as follows:

  • Providing financial assistance to families whose homes were damaged in the war
  • Distribution of food parcels to aggrieved families
  • Medicines and medical equipment support to the Ministry of Health
  • Fuel (diesel) assistance for municipalities to operate water wells
  • Repair and renovation of damaged and destroyed houses
  • Purchasing of white goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves for damaged houses
  • Hot meal distribution to families affected by the attacks


To Support

Benefactors who want to support the people of Gaza can support 10 TL by typing GAZA from all operators and sending a text message to 3072. Those who want to donate more can help in any amount they want via online donation on the IHH's website or by writing GAZA in the description section of the IHH's bank account numbers.

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