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IHH has exceeded 50,000 orphans
Within the scope of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation's "Sponsorship Support System" which began in 2007, Reyyan Necmettin has become the 50,000th orphan who received continuous support throughout the program.
Syria 12.12.2014

Within the scope of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation's "Sponsorship Support System" which began in 2007, the number of orphans who received continuous support has reached 50,905. Reyyan Necmettin from Syria has become the 50,000th orphan who received continuous support throughout the program. 

IHH provides continues relief efforts in 135 countries and regions and takes on the patronage of more and more children each day. Within the scope of these projects, they introduced the "Sponsorship Support System" in 2007. The aim of this program is to provide regular support to the orphans until they can stand on their own feet. Orphan's who have lost their father/mother in war natural disasters, poverty, disease and so on, in both Turkey and in other countries around the world will receive education, health, social assistance, cultural support and have their other needs met by philanthropists.

The "Sponsorship Support System" has been implemented in 49 different countries including Turkey. The number of orphans who received continuous support coverage has reached fifty thousand nine hundred and five as of today.

According to the information received from IHH's Orphan unit, Reyyan Necmettin has become the 50,000th orphan. She lost her father due to medical impossibilities and her mother lost her life as she got caught under the snipers crossfire.

12 year old Reyyan is living with her grandmother and 4 siblings in the Al-Birri Vettakva camp in Syria. They found out that the sponsorship was provided by the "Each Class Has an Orphan Fellow" program. 6F,G,H,I and İ classes from Necip Fazil was providing their sponsorship. With the coming of winter, Reyyan and millions of other Syrian's were trying to survive under more difficult situations. The people of Syria are expecting more hands reaching out to them as they face the harsh winter conditions.

IHH Syrian orphan's unit went to the campsite and visited little Reyyan and her family. Reyyan who was born in Eriha said that the house in which she lived with her 4 siblings were burnt down by the Assad army. She then told us how they came to this camp, and how they stay in one room with 5 people including their grandmother and how it was blown down by the wind. However, thanks to IHH they are now the owners of a new home.

Reyyan, who helps her grandmother with the house chores told us how she likes her friends over here. She said that she "plays with one half and doesn't play with the other half." When we finally asked her if she had any problems or needed anything she said "IHH meets all our needs, they distribute food and bread to us, they gave us a blanket and fixed our house for us. we do not need anything else."

What are Orphan Solidarity Days?

This year IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation held the 4th "Orphan Solidarity Days" project. In February, March and April orphan sponsorship activities are brought to life with hundreds of different projects in different countries. This year, 350 projects have been implemented in 49 countries. 350 projects were prepared for the 2014 Orphan Solidarity days project held in Turkey's Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Batman, Bitlis, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Elazıg, Erzincan, İskenderun, İstanbul, İzmir, Kahramanmaraş, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Mardin, Mersin, Sakarya, Sivas, Sanlıurfa, Trabzon, Usak, Van, Yalova, Zonguldak provinces.

Afghanistan, Arakan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Chad, Chechnya, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Palestine, Ghana, Georgia, Haiti, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kashmir, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Egypt , Mauritania, Nepal, Pakistan, Presov, Rwanda, Sandzak, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Yemen and Ecuador carried out 197 projects together. Some of the many projects which stood out were sewing machines for Somalia, grocery stores for Gaza and mending orphan families homes in Turkey.

"Each class has an orphan fellow campaign"

In order for everyone in Turkey to contribute in helping orphans, IHH started a new campaign in 2013 with the support of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs called "Each class has an orphan fellow." Currently, a Turkish syndicate,  "Eğitim Bir-Sen" is also supporting the program. According to the information received by IHH's orphan unit, thousands of schools in 80 provinces are carrying out projects effectively within the scope of the campaign.

What is the Sponsorship Support System?

Since the establishment of IHH, they carried out many projects to help orphans with education, health, housing etc. The social welfare projects can be categorized into two main groups; periodic aid and regular aid. Within the framework of the Sponsor Family System which has been developed in the year 2007, they have provided regular aid to fifty thousand nine hundred and five orphans in 49 countries and regions around the world, including Turkey.

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