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IHH has not left Turkmens in Çobanbey alone
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has supported Turkmens from Çobanbeyli, who surged into the Turkish border because of the clashes.
Syria 05.02.2014

The people living in Çobanbeyli town of Aleppo have been struggling under difficult conditions because of the clashes in the region. Çobanbey town has a population of 15 thousand and most of them are Turkmens. People living there are surging to the Turkish border each passing day for security reasons. The Çobanbey is the only sheltering point in the region and already 4 thousands Syrians have taken refugee there.

They hear sounds of guns each day

In the region where Turkmens live were not used to hear any single sound of guns but in the recent time, the clashes experienced almost every day have brought life to a standstill. As the normal life has been hindered because of the clashes in the region, people have difficulty to get their basic living needs.

The most important need is ¨bread¨

In the recent months, temporarily opened entry point in the border of Çobanbey, is the only point where the humanitarian relief are transferred to people. As bakeries in the region cannot run properly, people have difficulty even in finding bread. Turkish borders, acting like air-tubes for the Syrian people, is like a fountain of the need of the people there.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has extended a helping hand to Çobanbey people struggling to live on the border. IHH has been spreading 5 thousand up to 10 thousand breads a day to the people there. In the recent days, 7 tons of dates, 1200 kilos of olives and convenience food were transmitted to the region.

10 thousand people on the border

According to the information the authorities gave, as the clashes continue, from Çobanbey which has a population of 15 thousand, 10 thousand people will take refuge in Turkish border.

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