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IHH Held Mass Opening Ceremony in Tanzania
Mass opening ceremony of the various permanent projects that IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation carried out in Tanzania was held.
Africa, Tanzania 03.02.2014

While IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been conducting emergency aid activities in the regions of wars, natural disasters and hunger on one hand, it has been continuing to carry out permanent projects on the other hand. Finally, IHH inaugurated the permanent projects that it carried out in Tanzania during 2013.

A school, 3 mosques, a healthcare center and a madrasah in Zanzibar Island, Dar al-Salam and Morogoro regions were put into service by IHH Teams. Turkey Ambassador to Tanzania, Esteemed Ali Davutoğlu has also attended to the opening of Hz. Uthman Mosque in Dar al-Salam.

Attending to the openings, Africa Coordinator of IHH Serhat Orakçı, indicating that IHH has been carrying out permanent projects in Tanzania since 2007, said that “As IHH, we carry out humanitarian aid activities and permanent projects throughout Tanzania since 2007 in accordance with the demands and needs of the people. While we are opening schools, mosques, healthcare centers, madrasahs and water wells; we also carry out projects related to the orphans. Last, we inaugurated various permanent projects in various regions of Tanzania. These projects were about the needs of people in terms of education, healthcare and religion. While we are carry out these projects, we determine other needs, also. In the openings of the mentioned projects, we have already determined the new projects and have started to work for them.”

Attending to the opening of Hz. Uthman Mosque constructed by IHH in Dar al-Salam and cutting the opening ribbon in person, Turkey Ambassador to Tanzania Ali Davutoğlu, in the opening speech he gave, said that “IHH is one of the most important non-governmental organizations in Turkey and has been putting many projects in many countries successfully into service. I follow its projects in Tanzania with interest, also. These projects meet the needs of the people in the region as well as they become a bridge of charity and brotherhood between the people of Tanzania and Turkey.”

After the mass opening ceremony in Tanzania, IHH teams also visited Albino camp in Shinyanga region in Tanzania and made observations there. IHH team determined the immediate needs of the camp and started to work for it. To begin with 4 solar panels were bought and the electricity problem of the camp was solved. Children were delivered clothes and toys. The construction work of a dormitory, the restoration work of the dining hall and restrooms, and a playground construction in the camp are continuing already.

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