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IHH is calling everyone to become a remedy for Gaza`s thirst
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation`s Adiyaman Representative Office launched an aid campaign for Gazans who have been exposed to Israeli attacks.
Palestine 26.08.2014

IHH`s Adiyaman Representative Office launched a new campaign for Gaza called " Be a cure to Gaza's thirst. Become a drop of water for Gaza."

IHH volunteers will be selling water at the Democracy Park in order to help Gaza. IHH`s female volunteers who organized the charity campaign will use the collected revenue to purchase the needs Gazans.

Yunus Karakus the Foundation`s official, stated that an aid tent will be set up in the Democracy Park with the slogan "Be a cure to Gaza's thirst" written on it.

Karakus stated that they intend to become a remedy for Gaza`s thirst and that they will continue to lend a helping hand to needy people of Gaza.

Karakus reminded us that the donations will be sent out to the needy people of Gaza. " The campaign will last for 2 weeks. It needs to be kept in mind that the people of Gaza are thirsty because of the blockade and assault on them" he said.

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