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IHH is in Africa for various aid projects
Tens of thousands of children have died of starvation in East Africa which is hit by the worst drought of the past 60 years. The drought has also killed animals which are the only source of income for
Africa, BurkinaFaso, Djibouti, Chad, Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Mauretani, Niger, Nigeria, SierraLeone, Somalia, Sudan 19.08.2011

Carrying out emergency relief efforts in the region since July, teams from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation have taken aid to 245,000 people in Kenya, 375,000 people in Somalia and 3,000 people in Ethiopia so far.

IHH aid teams that take emergency relief to famine-stricken East African countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia do not  only deliver food packages to the people, but they also offer medical examinations, provide medicine, distribute meat, tents, kitchen sets, water cans and hygiene kits to the drought victims. In addition to these, a humanitarian aid ship which set sail from İstanbul on Aug. 13 took 2.8 tons of aid supplies to Somalia. The aid supplies, which have a cost of TL3.865,809, will have arrived in capital city of Mogadishu at the end of Ramadan.

Moreover, IHH teams also host iftar dinners for Somali people, Kenyans and Ethiopians who observe the holy Ramadan by fasting in the refugee camps despite the harsh circumstances they are faced with. IHH is hosting iftar dinner for 3,000 people daily in Dadaab Camp, meaning that the foundation will have hosted iftars for 29,000 people at the end of Ramadan in this camp. Iftar dinners are also given to 4,700 people daily in Mogadishu, Lower and Middle Shabelle regions. The foundation will have given iftars, hot meals to 100,000 people in the region by the end of Ramadan.

Carrying out various relief efforts in East African countries for about 15 years, the IHH has also launched new permanent projects in these countries, being a ray of hope for the regional people. The foundation which has opened 570 water wells so far, will try to resolve one of the major problems of the people in the region, drought, by opening 75 new water wells.

As part of its permanent projects, the IHH has launched the necessary work at 12 different places in Kenya’s Dadaab region, Ifo, Dagahaley and Hagadera camps for the establishment of education centers so that Somali students can continue their education. IHH teams also provide corn milling machines, tractors, cattle, vegetable stands [for widows] and sewing machines to needy families to help them earn a living.

Launching special relief efforts for the orphans who have difficulty in clinging to life amid the difficulties of forced migration, hunger and drought, the IHH is regularly meeting the needs of 1,827 orphans in Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti every month.

You just don’t remain an onlooker to the needy people of Africa and support the IHH’s East Africa aid campaign with your donations.

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