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IHH offers helping hand for orphans in Van
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation which has joined search and rescue and relief efforts in quake-stricken Van province with a 250-member-team, is now offering a helping hand for orphans in the region
Turkey 28.10.2011

The foundation will assume the care of children who were orphaned by the quake as well as other orphans, making them have a monthly income which they will use for their clothing, accommodation, education, healthcare and other expenses. Just making a monthly donation of 35€ or 50$, charity givers can assume the care of an orphan. In addition, families who already support an orphan in other regions or countries through the Sponsor Family Project can also assume the care of another orphan in Van.

IHH teams which organize the foundation’s relief efforts in the region will quickly make a list of the orphans who need to be taken care of and present their report to the IHH headquarters. In line with the reports from Van, the IHH will begin its orphan relief efforts in the province.

In addition to its current efforts in Van, the IHH has taken action to extend a helping hand to the orphans in Van and assume their care. Undertaking the care of 22,000 orphans across the world though its Sponsor Family System, the IHH will also take care of the orphans in Van. 

IHH continues relief efforts in Van which was shaken by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last Sunday. IHH teams are joining both search and rescue work and relief efforts in the region and make their best to access every part of the province which was affected by the quake. A total of 250 IHH volunteers who came from various provinces are working in the quake region. 

Caring for 22,000 orphans across the world though its Sponsor Family Project, IHH will also include the orphans in Van into this project. Charity givers can take care of an orphan in Van by making a monthly donation of 35€ or 50$.

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 You can read IHH's full report here.

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