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IHH opened 2512 water wells in Asia, Africa
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened 2512 water wells in Asia and Africa since 2002.

With its water well project launched in 2002, IHH has so far opened 2,512 water wells across 19 countries, 120 in Ethiopia, 840 in Somalia, 22 in Burkina Faso, 12 in Niger, 11 in Djibouti, 301 in Chad, 155 in Cameroon, 49 in Sudan, 7 in Sierra Leone, 11 in Guinea, 143 in Kenya, 1 in Tanzania, 772 in Bangladesh, 10 in Afghanistan, 1 in Mongolia, 11 in Pakistan, 2 in Indonesia, 40 in Kashmir and 4 in Kyrgyzstan.

African countries, which became more like a desert due to the agriculture policies of the colonialist governments in the past, are unable to make use of their water resources today due to financial problems. Thousands of people lose their lives and hundreds of thousands of animals perish every year due to fatal regional droughts in addition to the chronic drought which persists throughout the year. Other problems caused by the shortage of water in the region are tribal wars for water and diseases caused by lack of access to clean water. Tens of thousands of African lose their lives every year due to diseases, mainly dysentery, caused by lack of water.

Over the past decade, IHH has been opening water wells in the rural parts of Africa and countries and regions in Asia which suffer from water shortage. Water, which is extracted from every new water well which is opened, is offered to public use after necessary tests are conducted. IHH teams, which have opened 221 water wells, five in Ethiopia and Sudan each, 24 in Kenya, 27 in Cameroon and 170 in Somalia, over the past three months, are making preparations to open 475 more water wells.

According to statistics, there are more than one billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean water and around 3,5 million people lose their lives every year due to diseases caused by water shortage. It is estimated that three billion people will face water shortage problem in 2025.

With its water well projects, IHH aims to prevent use of unhygienic water, social problems and fatal diseases caused by lack of water in countries and regions where there is a problem in access to clean water.

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IHH launched an aid campaign after the flood in Bosnia
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IHH continues relief efforts with 5,943 people
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