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IHH organizes fun programs for Syrian orphans
As part of ‘Shall We Play?’ campaign IHH organized three fun game shows for 350 Syrian orphans.
Syria 09.06.2015

IHH organized three fun game shows for 350 Syrian orphans as a part of ‘Shall We Play?’ Campaign.

Civilians have been targeted in the civil war going on in Syria. Therefore the number of orphans keeps rising. Currently around six hundred thousand orphans are living in Syria who have many psychological problems.

“Shall We Play?” Campaign

IHH, which keeps up the humanitarian aid activities in the region, is trying to let the children forget the catastrophe of the war for a little while through various fun activities. Recently IHH Syrian Orphans Office initiated a new campaign called ‘Shall We Play?” which is going to reach out to 10.000 children.

In conjunction with the campaign, three fun game shows are organized for 350 orphans who fled from Idlib, Aleppo, Hama and Damascus and took refuge in Hatay.

Many fun games and singing were part of the day where the orphan children got the chance forget their circumstances for a while. At the end of the day children received presents.

The activities are planned to continue during Ramadan and reach out to 10.000 orphans in total.

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