IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
IHH provides aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food and clothing to the Syrians who had to take shelter in Lebanon due to the ongoing violence against civilians in their home country since March 15.
Lubnan, Syria 24.05.2011

The Syrian administration led by President Bashar Asad increases pressure on the civilians further every passing day. Failing to endure this pressure, many Syrians flee the country where they were worn and grown up. Out of security concerns, they leave Syria without being able to take the necessary things to continue their lives. Lebanon is one of the countries where Syrians mostly take shelter.

In order to help Syrian refugees who try to cling to life under very difficult circumstances in Lebanon, the IHH sent an emergency aid team to the country. The IHH team reached Halid town near Akar region which is closest to the Syrian border where most refugees live. IHH aid workers delivered food to 400 families in Halid on the Syrian-Lebanon border where refugees from al-Aridah and Talkalakh live. In addition, the IHH team delivered clothes to the refugees who had to leave their houses without taking extra clothes with them.

Talking about the ongoing unrest in Syria, the refugees told the IHH that the incidents in Syria are open violation of human rights and the violence in the country increases every passing day. They said Syrian soldiers raided villages with tanks and weapons two weeks ago and forced people to leave their homes. They also said the abandoned houses were subjected to plunder. The refugees in Lebanon said they left all their relatives in Syria and fear for their lives.

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