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IHH provides blankets to Syrians
IHH is stepping up assistance to Syrians ahead of the winter season.
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 18.10.2012

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has speeded up relief activities in support of the aggrieved Syrian people ahead of approaching winter months. In this regard, the foundation distributed 3,000 winter blankets to Syrians in Hatay Province. 

The distribution of blankets was coordinated by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation crisis desk that was set up in Hatay to coordinate aid deliveries in the region. Affected Syrians in Turkey and inside Syria borders are supported with various relief projects.  

In Hacıpaşa and Güveççi villages, where IHH carries out regular relief activities, 300 blankets were distributed to Syrian refugees to prepare them for the approaching cold winter.

Aid workers from IHH crisis desk in Hatay also delivered 300 blankets to patients being treated at hospitals in Hatay Province.  

Another 2,400 blankets were dispatched to Yayladağ, Azmerin, and Derkuş, which came under attack several days ago.  

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