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IHH Ramadan team in Peru
The aid team of the IHH is in Peru, the last place in the world where the sun sets, as part of a global Ramadan humanitarian drive. The IHH workers set iftar tables, distributed food packs and carried
Peru 15.08.2011

Islam first came to Peru in the 16th century when Spanish colonialists brought Muslims of al-Andalus to the continent. The spread of Islam in Peru accelerated after the 1980s. The number of Peruvian Muslims is rising fast with new converts almost every week. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is bringing together Peruvian Muslims at iftar tables.   

In Peru, as is the case in other countries where Muslims are in minority, Muslims break their fast at mosques in a family atmosphere. One of the works done by the IHH team in the country was to organize iftar programs in order to strengthen fraternal ties among the Muslims. Daily 100 Peruvian Muslims will break their fast at iftar tables of the IHH throughout Ramadan.

The IHH team distributed food packs to 200 families in the capital Lima that will suffice the whole Ramadan. Each pack contained items such as rice, macaroni, lentil, cooking oil, sugar, fish, milk, biscuits and detergent. The Peruvian Muslims were gratified by the gifts sent from thousands of miles away and expressed their gratitude. 

After completing aid works in Peru, the IHH team headed for Ecuador, another home of the Inca civilization, for Ramadan campaign.

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