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IHH plans to reach 3 million people in Ramadan.
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has carried out Ramadan activities for over 30 years in different geographies around the globe, will continue to spread goodness this year in Turkey and around the globe with the slogan "Ramadan, The Blessing of The Life." IHH will prioritize the earthquake-affected provinces, aiming to deliver humanitarian aid to about 3 million people.

Beginning its Ramadan activities with the slogan "Ramadan, The Blessing of the Life," the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is aiming at providing aid to 3 million needy people and orphan families, both in Turkey and in crisis and poverty geographies around the globe.

IHH will provide orphans with Eid clothing as well as needy families with food parcels, Zakat donations, Zakat al-Fitr donations, and iftar meals within the scope of Ramadan activities.

310 thousand food parcels plan to be delivered

The Ramadan food parcels, whose cost was decided to be $30, are planning to be delivered to 250 thousand people in 81 provinces, especially in earthquake-affected provinces. Furthermore, about 60 thousand people are estimated to receive food parcels outside Turkey. The first part of the food parcels distributed in Turkey were dispatched to 81 provinces with 49 aid trucks.


Hot meals will be served, and Eid clothing will be given out.

Benefactors can set an iftar table just by paying $4 dollar and serve an iftar meal to his/her brothers. IHH will also carry out programs to put a smile on children's faces. Within this scope, it will provide Eid clothing to 100 thousand orphans in Turkey and around the globe. Benefactors can dress a child from head to toe for $27. IHH plans to deliver Zakat and Zakat al-Fitr donations to tens of thousands of people.


What was done last year?

Within the scope of Ramadan activities in 2022, IHH has reached 2 million and 700,000 people in 58 countries as well as 81 provinces in Turkey.

-75 thousand 289 families were distributed Zakat al-Fitr, fidyah and zakat.

312 thousand 684 food parcels were distributed.

One million and five hundred sixty-three people benefited from the food parcels.

380 thousand people were offered iftar.

122 thousand 446 orphans and children in need were given Eit clothing.

Free food coupons were distributed to 23,584 families across Turkey.

In Syria, free food coupons were delivered to 2,200 families, and hygiene packages were delivered to 48,879 families.

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