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IHH reached 4 million 744 thousand people in Ramadan
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation aided 4 million 744 thousand people in Ramadan 2023 under the slogan "Ramadan, the Blessings of Life".
Turkey 23.04.2023

Assistance provided to people in Turkey an Abroad

While focusing in the cities affected by the latest earthquake in Turkey, IHH also carried out its aid activities in 36 countries hit with war and crisis. Thanks to our donors, this Ramadan IHH was able to reach 2 million 704 thousand people in Turkey - predominantly in earthquake areas - and 2 million 40 thousand people abroad.


A total of 275,640 food packages were distributed in Turkey, Syria, and 35 other countries.

A total of 1 million 378 thousand people benefited from these food packages. Each package included products such as tomato paste, red lentils, chickpeas, sunflower seed oil, pasta, salt, instant soup, green lentils, tea, dried beans, rice, flour, sugar, and bulgur.


Zakat, Zakat al-Fitr and Fidyah Distributions

IHH also delivered Zakat, Zakat al-Fitr and fidyah donations received in Ramadan to those in need. A total of 23,504 families received such aid. IHH-affiliated humanitarian aid organizations in cities also helped in the distribution of Zakat, Zakat al-Fitr, and fidyah to earthquake victims and needy families.

This Aid was provided to orphans and their families; 58,748 children in need/orphans in Turkey and abroad were given Eid clothing. Food packages, iftar and suhoor meals were distributed, and cash aid was given to those in need.


Iftar and sahur meals to 2 million people during the month of Ramadan.

IHH distributed meals to 1.5 million people in 19 locations across the six provinces affected by the earthquake, as well as to a total of 15,381 people in Gaza, Yemen, Lebanon, Sudan, Mali, Niger, Poland, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Crimea, and Pakistan.

In addition, IHH organized iftar and sahur programs for 1,940 children in 28 orphanages located in six different countries in Ramadan.

As part of its Ramadan campaign, IHH also distributed "Ramadan Children's Packages" to 7,915 children in Turkey.


Iftar, bread and clothing in Syria

IHH has been providing humanitarian assistance in Syria since the start of the civil war in 2011. This Ramadan, IHH provided iftar meals to 1,493,311 people, distributed 900,480 loaves of bread to 34,631 people, and delivered 432,218 pieces of various clothing items to 144,072 people in the country.

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