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IHH reaches out to refugees in Chad
IHH reaches out to refugees in Chad
Africa, Chad 22.06.2015

Central African refugees who have taken refuge in Chad received food hampers containing basic food items.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered basic food items to the refugees from the Central African Republic, who are staying in a refugee camp in Chad.

This year in Ramadan, IHH reaches out to Chad, one of the poorest countries of Africa to offer a helping hand. IHH teams visited Govi refugee camp located close the capital city N'Djamena' and handed out food hampers containing basic foods like cooking oil, pasta, rice and flour.

Mr. Hikmet Şölen from the IHH team told that in conjunction with humanitarian relief operations in Chad they are trying to help refugees who fled Central Africa due to escalating violance in the country.

Şölen reported that around 5 thousand refugees are staying in Govi refugee camp under very harsh conditions and that IHH has distributed each family in the camp basic food items like flour, rice, cooking oil and pasta.

Learning Islam despite the adversity

Şölen noted that they are delivering aid regardless of religion, language and race of the needy: "Unfortunately children and elderly are affected worst by the wars. In this camp refugees unable to have access to clean water and healthcare are facing various illnesses. Through the food aid we have delivered, we are trying to help them survive a little more. From now onwards, we will keep helping out the poor people in the region as much as we can."

Şölen also noted that children in the refugee camp are trying to learn Islam despite the adversity. He said that around thousand children are trying to learn Quran in makeshift classrooms.

Şölen called out to the other humanitarian organizations and charities to offer a helping hand to destitute peoples in African countries.

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