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    IHH Repairs Schools in Mosul
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation repairs three schools in Iraq’s Mosul for students in the region.
    Iraq 09.07.2020

    On top of humanitarian AID, IHH also supports local and international education needs. As part of this program, IHH will repair three different schools in Mosul, Iraq, that were destroyed due to the ongoing conflict to reopen them for the local students. With the help of our donors we began repairing schools in Visam, Badus and Tel Shihab. Electrical fitting, desks and windows are being repaired, while the walls are repainted. The schools that need door and roof repairs will have them ready by the new school term, once they are open following the decrease of the Covid-19 infections.


    Repairs on the Visam School have been completed. With the support and contributions of our donors, the other schools will also be opened at the earliest possible date.


    To give support

    Donors who wish to contribute to these schools can donate to IHH’s bank accounts stating the code PROJE KODU 11913.

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