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IHH sends 20 aid trucks to Syria
IHH sent out 20 aid trucks containting flour, shoes and food packages to those in need in Syria.
Syria 20.06.2015

The humanitarian crisis which emerged after the 2011 civil war in Syria has now reached a level that cannot be expressed in numbers. Millions of people displaced from their homes are now living in conditions where their most basic needs are not met due to the situation of the region. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, has been supporting these victims by carrying out various welfare activities.

Their recent support to the region was made in context of the 2015 Ramadan campaign. IHH sent out 20 aid trucks containing flour, shoes and food packages to those in need in Syria.

Just before the trucks headed towards Syria, a farewell ceremony was held in Kazlicesme. IHH President Bulent Yildirim speaking at the ceremony said necessities such as food, flour and shoes will be delivered to those in need in Syria. 

The aim is to send 3 thousand trucks in 2015

Till now, close to 5 thousand aid trucks have been sent to Syria. By the end of this year the aim is to send close to 3 billion trucks said Yildirim.

In Syria, there is close to 22 million people living under in-humane conditions, stated Yildirim. “The world has turned a blind eye. They are keeping quiet to the massacre of these people. 10 milllion peple are now refugees. The internal and external migration still continues,” he said. Yildirim, who also noted that more than 2 million children are left orphaned in Syria, continued his speech as follows:

“The biggest test for a mother is their child. If a mother is being trialed with her child, there is nothing she can do. This is why we have to do what Allah has comanded us to do; we need to send a portion of our zakat, fitrah, and donations to the campaigns we have started.” He then continued to say more than 2 million people are are left orphaned in Syria. “Most of these orphans do not have protection. Through our aid work we are not only supporting orphans but we are trying to help all victim stay strong,” he said.

After the speech, a convoy of trucks made their way down to Syria. A portion of these trucks enterd Syria through the borders of  Cilvegozu and Ceylanpinar to help millions of refugees stranded on the border while the remaining went to regions such as Hama and Idlib.

How you can help Syria?

- Personally going into IHH and givng your donation by hand,

- You can call our call center on 0 212 631 2121

-Cheques and transfers can be sent through our bank accounts‏

- Online donations

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