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IHH sends 3000 tons of humanitarian aid to Somali
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is sending a ship carrying 3,000 tons of emergency humanitarian aid supplies to Somali which has recently been hit by a severe drought.
Somalia 28.07.2011

Drought which has been ravaging East Africa has turned into a great humanitarian tragedy in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Uganda. African people who leave their towns and migrate to cities on the border in search of water and food face death risk. The IHH has been carrying out relief efforts in Horn of Africa since the drought crisis first hit in May.

In Horn of Africa where temperatures rise as high as 50 degrees centigrade, there are places which have received no rain over the past three years. IHH and other humanitarian aid organizations in the region have already warned that drought will turn into a big disaster if measures are not taken immediately and called on the world to extend a helping hand to the region.

Taking urgent action for aid due to the deteriorating situation in East Africa, the IHH is preparing a humanitarian aid ship to send to the region thanks to donations from charity givers. The ship will be carrying food, medicine and medical supplies for drought-stricken people.

3000 tons of aid for Africa

The IHH has launched a big relief campaign following the drought and consecutive deaths in East Africa. Now, the foundation is preparing to send a ship carrying 3,000 tons of aid which include wheat, corn, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, milk powder, biscuits, rice and pasta in addition medicine and medical supplies which are urgently needed.

Aid relief for 45,000 people

IHH emergency aid teams which describe the situation in the drought-stricken regions as the “end of the humanity,” deliver food supplies in the camps in Somali and Kenya. Distributing food to 45,000 people in the camps in Somali, IHH teams pay special attention to the children and old people who are sick. IHH is also beginning relief efforts in Ethiopia, which is another crisis region.

IHH mobilized to aid drought victims

IHH calls on everyone to give support to this aid campaign on these days when we are about to begin to observe the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

At this Ramadan, you can also extend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in Somali who face death risk due to drought and hunger.

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