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IHH aids Somalia throughout Ramadan
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has carried out many relief activities and long-term investment projects in Somalia for the past 15 years, stepped up in the Ramadan month its assistance to t
Africa, Somalia 25.08.2012

Aid teams of IHH in Somalia distributed in Ramadan food packages, organized daily iftar dinner programs and carried out slaughtering and distribution of nazhr and aqiqah sacrifices donated by IHH donors to be performed in the country. 

Thousands of people benefitted from food pack deliveries and iftar meals in Somaliland and Mogadishu. The recipient Somalis expressed their appreciation to and recited prayers for the people of Turkey over the help. 


The previous year IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation stepped up materializing long-lasting projects in Somalia to provide the Somali people with more facilities and contribute to the development of the country. 

Building irrigation canals, malaria treatment center, water wells and fountains, fully-equipped orphanage complex, construction and maintenance of mosques and Quranic schools, distribution of construction vehicles, building and staffing a farming school are some of the projects of IHH in Somalia.   


One of these projects is an orphanage and residential complex that is being built in Mogadishu to serve 1200 orphan children. The complex is the largest of its kind in Somalia and one of the biggest projects of IHH in the country. The foundation of the complex was laid in September and once finished it will provide shelter to tens of thousands of children left orphan by drought and civil war. The complex will have such facilities as two separate dormitories for girls and boys, a school, a health center, a Quran teaching center, deep water well, grocery store, sports hall, and a mosque. The project is estimated to cost 2.5m USD.    


In addition to delivering emergency assistance as part of the East Africa aid campaign since the famine crisis broke out the previous year, IHH has also been realizing lasting projects to help with development of the Somali people. The foundation is building water wells across Africa on a routine basis. Water wells are of great significance in Somalia, where the number of people dying from contaminated water and unsanitary conditions related diseases is quite high.  


With its ongoing cataract project, IHH is restoring the vision of thousands of cataract victims across Africa in general and in Somalia in particular. 


IHH is caring for in its Sponsor Family System 26,458 orphan children, 3134 of them from Somalia. With donations from sponsoring families IHH is providing support to these orphans in health, education, social areas, accommodation, and nourishment. 

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