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IHH takes action for 165 million orphans
The number of orphans in the world which constantly sees war, famine, poverty and natural disasters has reached 165 million. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is extending its helping hand to the orp
Africa, Balkans, SouthAmerica, SouthAsia, Caucasus, CentralAsia, MiddleEast, Turkey 20.02.2012

IHH knows no limits in helping children orphaned by wars, natural disasters or poverty. Carrying out orphan relief work on a large geography from Haiti to Indonesia-Aceh, IHH included all the children who were orphaned by an earthquake in the eastern province of Van last year in its Sponsor Family System. The foundation has eight orphanages in different regions of the world while construction of two orphanages in Pattani and five orphanages in Somalia and Malawi still continues. IHH aims to ensure that orphans grow up under normal living circumstances as other children at the same age with them do. Bu supporting the families of the orphans, IHH also aims to ensure that orphans grow up near their own families. One hundred children around the world are deprived of the warmth of a family and face many threats and dangers. While the IHH today supports more than 23,000 orphans, it aims to reunite thousands of other orphans with charity givers. IHH has taken action for all the orphans across the world with its “Make Room for Orphans in Your World,” campaign.

While it takes emergency relief to disaster-stricken people, IHH has also been doing its best since 1992 to reach orphans and meet their needs quicker than human smugglers, organ mafia and missionary institutions. It makes efforts to ensure that orphans’ fundamental rights and liberties are not violated and they grow up within their own culture.

As of today, IHH has reached 23,401 orphans across 36 countries and regions in the world. The foundation also provides periodical support to orphans in dozens of other countries and regions and meets their expenses for education, healthcare, clothing, food and other.

When they visit a region in different times of the year, IHH teams pay special attention to orphans. A total of 23,401 orphans who are cared by charity givers look to the future with hope. With its, “Make Room for Orphans in Your World,” campaign, IHH aims to include at least 5,000 more orphans to its Sponsor Family Project. Hundreds of thousands of children across the world still wait for the support of the benevolent people. Charity givers who would to become the sponsor family of an orphan in Turkey or anywhere in the world can join the Sponsor Family System by making a monthly donation of €35 or 50 USD.

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Flour distribution to 38 thousand 601 families in Somalia
Flour distribution to 38 thousand 601 families in Somalia
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been carrying its aid efforts in Somalia, and our effort intensified following the severe drought that has hit the country since 2020, causing millions facing difficulties in accessing clean water and food.
Mobile soup kitchen from Turkey to Ukraine
Mobile soup kitchen from Turkey to Ukraine
The mobile soup kitchen dispatched by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to Ukraine, which is under Russian bombardment, departed from Istanbul. The soup kitchen was intended to provide food to 30,000 people each day. In addition, three truckloads of humanitarian supplies provided to Ukraine by the IHH in recent weeks have been delivered to war victims.
IHH helped 700,000 Syrians in 2022.
IHH helped 700,000 Syrians in 2022.
In 2022, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered 2,043 truckloads of humanitarian relief supply to war-affected Syrian residents living in the country’s IDP camps and settlements in various locations.