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IHH takes Ramadan blessing to Ecuador
Quito (2800m altitude), the second-highest capital city in the world after La Paz, Bolivia, is one of the many locations around the world included in the IHH global Ramadan campaign. Ecuador is a Lati
Ecuador 27.08.2011

The visit of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to Ecuador in Ramadan came as a big surprise to the local Muslims and head of the Islamic Association Yahya Juan Sukuilla. The IHH aid team that came from a long way to Ecuador, which straddles the Equator, made the local Muslims quite happy. Sukuilla, a former general at the Ecuadorian army who got the name Yahya after converting to Islam, greeted the IHH team as “You are the first Turkish citizens to come to Ecuador on a mission. 

The IHH teams started its Ramadan efforts in the country with orphans. The orphans, whom have been cared by the foundation over two years, were given clothes, gifts brought from Turkey, watches, school bags, and educational sets. The children, who turned the iftar program into a lovely occasion, said they had never had such a happy day. The foundation also added another five Ecuadorian orphans to its sponsor system.

The iftar program drew Muslims of different nationalities as a gathering of the ummah. Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Jordanian, Egyptian, Lebanese and even Kosovan Muslims in the country shared the joy of the occasion. As the IHH team we attended several iftar programs that are being organized every day with 100 Muslims and are being sponsored by charitable people from Turkey. A breakfast program on the first day of Eid feast will also be sponsored.

Another item on the Ramadan effort was distributions of food packs. The packages containing rice, sugar, macaroni, lentil, beans, soup, cooking oil, milk, biscuits, tuna fish, ketchup, salt, coffee, chocolate, and jam were given to 150 families. The families received the food packages after a lively iftar program and recited prayers for the donors.

The IHH team in Ecuador visited what is called the zero degrees latitude. The teams also climbed to the highest point of the 4100m high active volcano.  

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