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IHH Team in Tokyo
The IHH Rescue Team of 5 people that flew to Osaka, reached to Japanese capital Tokyo today.

IHH team informed about the recent situation in Japan by visiting the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo along with the other humanitarian aid groups and journalists who want to help the people of Japan.    

The embassy stated that the nuclear leakage is much bigger than the official figures that 100 thousand soldiers are sent to the region and 20 km around the region is totally evacuated.

IHH Asian Desk coordinator Vahdettin Kaygan said his observations that the people are generally calm in Tokyo although they are anxious about the nuclear leakage. Kaygan stated that Tokyo was not affected by the earthquake as much as the other cities “Thousands of people from the earthquake zones coming to Tokyo since here is much more safer place. The evacuation activities are continuing. The military closed the earthquake zone to the public. Precautions are taken against to nuclear leak and a possible second earthquake.

People are preparing against the aftershocks while they are waiting for their government to stop the nuclear leak. The supermarkets are already emptied. Up to now, 20 people are said to be sick due to the high radiation. The official death toll is 8 hundred, however the Kyoto Agency declared the number as over 2 thousand. Japanese people and government are going through hard times, facing the catastrophic disaster of their history.

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