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IHH took relief to Aleppo under bombardment
Carrying out humanitarian relief efforts in many parts of Syria, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has entered Aleppo, which is under the bombardment of Syrian warplanes, and delivered aid packages t
Syria 04.09.2012

As part of its relief efforts in conflict-stricken Syria, IHH has entered Aleppo which is under heavy bombardment. IHH teams delivered the aid packages firstly to the families of those killed in the clashes.

Staying on the border region for three days, IHH teams took a big risk on Sunday and entered the Syrian cities under bombardment in order to take relief to the Syrians in need.

Bombs hurled by Syrian warplanes hit houses one-kilometer away from the IHH aid teams in al-Bab town in Aleppo Sunday afternoon where they were conducting relief efforts. Three warplanes which suddenly appeared over the city rained down bombs on Aleppo. The warplanes hurled bombs again after it became dark.

IHH aid teams delivered the aid packages to the martyrs’ families in the evening hours despite heavy darkness.

An IHH aid team, which witnessed the bombardments of Syrian cities by warplanes, attacks by helicopters and sounds of explosions in Syrian cities and the tragedy which is taking place in the country, has made examinations in the places which were subjected to bombardment. 

Another IHH team led by Muhammed Yorgancıoğlu, an IHH official responsible for the crisis center in Hatay, carried out relief efforts in Aleppo and neighboring regions.

IHH teams delivered food packages and first aid bags to the martyrs’ families in Aleppo. The food packages included flour, tea, sugar and canned food. In addition, IHH aid teams also took aid items to madrasahs [Islamic schools] and education centers.

At the end of their examinations, IHH teams found out that Syrian warplanes rain down bombs randomly, causing the deaths of many people.

After the delivery of aid items to Syrians, which were donated by charity givers from Turkey and abroad, IHH teams made a safe return to Turkey.

IHH continues its relief efforts for Syrian refugees at full speed who have to flee their homes due to the acts of violence in their country which began following a public revolt last March and have taken shelter in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The foundation has established a crisis center in Turkey’s Hatay province which houses thousands of Syrian refugees. IHH has a mobile kitchen and a fully-equipped medical trailer in the region for the refugees. 

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