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IHH Welcomed 20 Thousand People From Aleppo
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and various NGO’s, welcomed 20 thousand victims who have been evacuated from Aleppo, after the agreements.
Syria 20.12.2016

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and various NGO’s, welcomed 20 thousand victims who have been evacuated from Aleppo, after the agreements.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, continues to help the victims provides shelter for them. In this scope, 20 thousand had been evacuated from Aleppo. IHH streamed these historic moments to the whole world, via live broadcasting, Facebook and Youtube live streaming.
Orphans children in the safe hands

Thousands of people, including dozens of orphans, have left Aleppo in one of the besieged Syrian city's biggest evacuations yet. 47 orphans children have reached to secure areas.

This morning, all 47 children trapped in an orphanage in east Aleppo were evacuated to safety, with some in critical condition from injuries.

At the beginning of the event, prayers made for the victims of the explosion in Kayseri. Syrian orphans went up to the stage and sang their songs with their Syria colored scarves. Presenting the event Fatih Yazici, head of Young IHH, said “By the will of Allah, they couldn’t succeed in Gezi Park, they couldn’t succeed in 15th of July and again they will not succeed.” He added that while they were on the road with the convoy, they visited the hero-commander of 15th of July Omer Halisdemir’s tomb and added further: “There is no difference between the struggle at 15th of July and what we are doing today.”
Building tent cities

In the other hand, IHH Humanitarian Relief continues to build tent cities in the safe areas of Idlib, while welcoming the victims from Aleppo.

Its planned to build three tents in different locations. When the Kemmuneh camp and the other 2 are nearly completed in Idlib, 80 thousand refugees will find shelter. Tents include: Sponge beds, pillows, sheeting, blankets, stove and utensils.

İHH “Open Road to Aleppo” aid campaign

  • Over 1500 aid trucks
  • Already send inside Syrian 411 trucks
  • 20 thousand evacuated people from Aleppo
  • 123 injured people come Turkey hospitals. 8 of the them lost their lives.
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