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Meat Aid for 17.000 People Through Aqiqah Donations
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation slaughtered 210 cattle and delivered the meat to the needy Muslims in seven countries in 2017.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to facilitate and deliver the needy the aqiqah, which is donated as a thanksgiving to Allah for granting the person a child, and slaughter the sacrificial cattle for the person, who wishes to carry out obligatory deeds. In 2017 as a part of aqiqah and other donations IHH has slaughtered 100 cattle and 110 small cattle in seven countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and delivered the meat to 17.038 people thus put a smile on the faces of the poor and needy.


“Trying to Alleviate the Suffering and Be the Light of Hope in Hearts”

IHH vice president in charf of Foreign Affairs Hasan Aynacı said that in the first two months of 2017 they delivered the meat in aid to be a small hope in people’s lives. Aynaci said:

“Since our establishment we as IHH try to help out people who are oppressed and have to struggle through enormous troubles. This year as well in January and February 2017 we carried out an aid campaign designed to slaughter and deliver the meat of donated aqiqah and other sacrificial cattle in an effort to alleviate the suffering of Muslims a little bit and be a light of hope for them in 7 countries in 3 different regions including Middle East, Asia and Africa. Thanks to the donations of our kind and charitable people we helped the needy Muslims have meat to eat for dinner.”

110 Small Cattle in the Land of the Oppressed, Yemen

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation slaughtered 110 small cattle donated as aqiqah and delivered the meat to needy in Yemen where around 19 million people are reported to be in need of humanitarian aid. 2.500 Yemenite families received the aid. 

Around 27,5 million people are living in Yemen, which is one of the devastated countries in the Middle East. Due to civil war and other problems 18,8 million out of the population is struggling to survive with external aid. Moreover about 10 million people face hunger that is at life threatening level.


The Aid Delivered to 9,538 People in Four Asian Countries 

IHH slaughtered 10 cattle in Pakistan and delivered the meat to 838 orphans living in the orphanages that is run by IHH in the country; slaughtered 20 cattle in India for 3,500 recipients; slaughtered 10 cattle in Sri Lanka for 2,400 recipients; slaughtered 10 cattle in Arakan for 2,800 Rohingya Muslims there. So the campaign delivered meat to 9,538 people in Asia.

Two Countries in Africa: Chad and Burkina Faso

IHH did not turn down the donor who would like to donate their aqiqah and other sacrificial deeds to Africa. IHH slaughtered 30 cattle for 3,600 Central African refugees in Chad and 20 cattle in Burkina Faso and delivered it to 2,400 needy people.


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