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IHH is a humanitarian aid foundation that is operating in more than 136 countries all over the world for more than 20 years and continues aid activities with a big support that is increasing day by da
Turkey 16.06.2012

Holding mentor status within the body of United Nations consultation movements IHH sailed away to Gaza by Mavi Marmara boat as the conscious of humanity due to the union of different religions, languages and nationalities on board as a result of the cooperation and joint projects with the hundreds of institutions from Islamic world. On 31st May, the second anniversary of the Mavi Marmara attack, the commemorating activities by almost all of the Mavi Marmara activists and the people from different nationals indicates that the public increasingly continue to support this mission. This support has stood out not only in this field but also in all other operation fields of the IHH. Because IHH has been operating all his activities transparently and seeking only Allah's consent.

Of course there are and there will be some people and power groups who are disturbed by this mission and by the activities of the IHH. And it is a fact that gaining power through despotism and normlessness the same parties created false accusations and calumniation towards the IHH. These efforts of calumny have sometimes been in the form of misinforming people via some media organs and sometimes in the form of forcing judiciary organs against us. As it is known, especially after Mavi Marmara process, Israel has been trying to discredit the IHH and block its path using many ways both inside Turkey and international area by slandering, misinforming community and threatening. Israel is becoming isolated as a result of its attack on Mavi Marmara aid ship. The more it gets isolated, the more it gets ill tempered and tries various ways in order to save itself. However these attempts have generally failed. Recently, the Turkish daily Habertürk published the news saying that a legal investigation was started against the IHH Chairman Bülent Yıldırım regarding transferring money to Al Qaida. Beforehand we have been receiving the information of these attempts to start a legal investigation and false accusations of money transfer to Al Qaida. However, the above mentioned news published by Habertürk daily was disclaimed immediately by the reporter who signed the news. When the journalists Hilal Öztürk and Bülent Ceyhan, the reporters of the news, were asked about the source of the information on the morning of the day when the news was published, Bülent Ceyhan disclaimed his own news, saying ¨Office of the Chef Public Prosecutor and Istanbul Police Department refuted the news, there is not such a prosecution¨.

IHH denies all the information written in the aforementioned news. It clearly points out that there is not such a prosecution or investigation. Police Department authorities and Office of the Chef Public Prosecutor also refuted the news that claims such kind of a investigation. This claim seems to be a revenge taking act of Israel as it emerged right after the lawsuit which was brought against the generals who were responsible for the Mavi Marmara attack and also after the report that caused a great debate in Israel.

IHH lawyers brought a lawsuit against the people and institutions that were publishing false news and claims which increased seriously after Mavi Marmara attack. The IHH won these lawsuits and both the news were disclaimed and these people and institutions were convicted to indemnity. A lawsuit also will be brought for the aforementioned news that was published on Habertürk Daily and all kinds of legal courses will be used.

On the other hand, although the news published by Habertürk daily is false, in international arena, some media organs, especially Israeli media organs has turned it into a serious propaganda. It is clear that they aim to block the support for the IHH.

However, the IHH operates with the consciousness that its activities are for the fundamental rights and rights to life of the orphans, the aggrieved, the poor and the victims and we hope that the media organs to behave with the same consciousness and not to fall into the traps of Israel and similar minds who don't care and esteem any human. The IHH hopes that each person and institution, especially media organs to behave responsibly. With the aim of providing support to some interest groups, war barons and the actors of despotism, as in the case of September 11, such kind of an accusation concept will be of no use to humanity but will do harm and they will grab the rights of the future generations.

IHH knows that such kind of traps, slanders and defamations may continue, forasmuch as IHH wants the good and justice to be valid for all people. As through human history, there have always been the advocates of the bad and cruelty as well as advocates of the good and justice. At a time when the voice of the conscience thunders and when the people raise their voice higher, the IHH will continue on its path with the aim of Allah's consent, relying on the conscience of advocates of the good and the justice.

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