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Food Aid for Sudan War Victims
Sudan is currently facing one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent history due to the civil war that broke out on April 15. Millions are in need of clean drinking water, basic food, hygiene, and shelter materials. IHH’s initial relief program has provided food aid to 408 families
Sudan 16.11.2023

The civil war in Sudan has caused severe damage to the country’s infrastructure, healthcare, education services, economy, and the society in general. As a result of the clashes between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) since April 15, 6.1 million people have been forced to migrate within and outside the country.

25 million people in need of humanitarian aid

More than 10,000 civilians have lost their lives in the conflicts, while thousands have been injured. According to the UN data, 25 million Sudanese civilians, of which 14 million are children, are in need of humanitarian aid. However, the humanitarian assistance sent to the country falls far below the requirement.

The country is currently experiencing the world's largest crisis in terms of its Internally Displaced People. During this period, a total of 3 million Sudanese children were subjected to violence.


Food for 408 families

IHH, which has been involved in comprehensive aid efforts for Sudan’s war victims, has recently provided food aid to 408 families in the Kerry and Dewa regions, South Darfur. The food packages include 5 kg sugar, 1 kg lentils, 2 kg rice, 4 kg millet, 1 kg flour, and 4.5 liters oil.

Previously, IHH had also sent 43 containers (554 tons) of aid to the country, including food, hygiene supplies, blankets, wheelchairs, and sleeping mats.

Our humanitarian aid efforts in the country shall continue.


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