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The remarkable success of humanitarian diplomacy
Journalist Adem Özköse and cameraman Hamit Coşkun have been released through efforts by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. The humanitarian diplomacy carried out by IHH has achieved a remarkable
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 12.05.2012

The journalists have been finally released after a series of long talks. After being transported from Syria to Tehran, the journalists first met with IHH’s President Bülent Yıldırım, and they will soon be fully reunited with their families at home.

Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun went missing in Syria for two months, where they had travelled to film a documentary about the public unrest in the country. The delegation for humanitarian diplomacy formed by IHH and Mazlumder had made intensive efforts to locate the missing journalists. As a result of these efforts, the delegation for humanitarian diplomacy found Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun after 58 days in a prison located in Damascus.
After negotiations, the parties reached an agreement to release Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun.

As part of the process of their release, the journalists were sent to Tehran from Syria by plane. In the company of IHH’s President Bülent Yıldırım, the journalists and members of their families met in Tehran and were able to have a meal together, fulfilling their desire to be reunited with their loved ones. 
It's now expected that the journalists will be returned to Turkey as soon as possible.

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