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Intimidation from Palestinian scholars and IHH
The Palestinian Scholars Association in Diaspora called out to all groups in Gaza to form a union to act against Israel. IHH President Bulent Yildirim, gave signals that the Mavi Marmara will be sent out once again if Israeli attacks do not stop.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza 21.07.2014

The Palestinian Scholars Association in Diaspora held a press release at IHH headquarters in order to act in response to the massacres in Gaza. IHH President Bulent Yildirim, Iraq Scholars Association, the Association of Muslim Scholars, Muslim Thinkers Platform, and Representatives of Sunni Scholars Association supported the press release.

Dr. Nevvaf Tekrur, Diaspora Palestinian Scholars Association’s general secretary spoke on their behalf. In the statement, he indicated that Israel’s massacres will be a means for the Islamic ummah to unite. "Today is they day to stand up and protect Gaza. Turkey's sensitivity on the Palestinian issue has mobilized the entire world" he said. The following was recorded in the statement ‘Palestine is the honour of the nation’:

"We have to stand next to Palestine with our commodities and our lives. Palestinian groups must unite and Egypt must open the Rafah border urgently. Arab leaders will be overthrown in the future if they do not stand next to Gaza with their people. Israel is killing women and children because they do not have the power to defeat the Qassam Brigades. Every Israeli product is returning to Gaza as blood and tears. We must boycott Israeli products.”


IHH President Bulent Yildirim stated that 'after the attack on Gaza, everyone who has a conscience has united. Israel has done what we could not do. Israel has laid the foundation of an Islamic Union by attacking Gaza. I believe that soon, all Muslim countries will unite to become members of the establishment of the ''Islamic Union.”


Yildirim stated that ‘We, as IHH started the human shield project.’ He also said “We are waiting for all politicians to join it. We are negotiating with Syria in order for the human shield to pass through there. We are also working on a project to re-send the Mavi Marmara back to Gaza. We are continuing our discussions on this issue. We are either going to have an agreement with all parties in Syria for the human shield to pass through or we will take them by sea. However, if we take them by passing through Syria, the barrels of the groups over there may return to Israel. Israel must withdraw if they do not want the war in the Middle East to grow.”


Yildirim pinpointed that Palestine is an independent state. ‘'Muslim countries should make bilateral agreements with the Palestinians and should provide weaponry support for self-protection. Attacks on Palestine should be considered as attacks on Islamic countries. Islamic countries should at least behave as honourably as Chile. The Islamic world is feeding the murderers. Israel and the whole world should know that if they do not end this war we will either pass the human shield from Syria or by sea. Then we will tell Turkey that they will have to protect us. When we are passing by sea, if Israel fires at the Turkish ships protecting us, they will come face to face with the Israel and Turkey alliance. We are looking at how this war will end up. We are ready. There is nothing stopping the departure of this ship. If this war does not end, we will gather everyone to the harbour and go again. If necessary, we will forward all Syrian groups onto Israel. Enough is enough!” he said.


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