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Israel continues its massacre in Gaza
Israel continues aerial operations in Gaza it has launched at the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Israel continued its bombardment of Gaza with warplanes and helicopters throughout Sunday night, killing
Palestine 22.08.2011

The number of people including women and children killed in Israeli operations in Gaza since Thursday night has reached 15 while the number of the injured has reached 44. Usame Abdo, an official from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in Gaza, said there is an ongoing tension in the country and Israel broke a newly-announced ceasefire on Sunday night.

Abdo who was in Gaza at the time of the Israeli attacks, said: “Israel continues aerial strikes against Gaza. It attacked for four times during the night with warplanes and helicopters. According to the information we have received, Israel bombed Han, Yunus, Secaiyye and Bedlahya neighborhoods during the night.”

Land operation at Ramadan

As the prospects of an Israeli land operation have emerged, Silvan Shalom, one of the deputy prime ministers of Israel, was quick not to rule out the prospects of a land operation against Gaza.  Commenting on the manipulative news about Israeli attacks in Gaza which appear in the Israeli and world media, Abdo said: “Israel has been publishing such news for about 11 years. Through publication of such news, Israel aims to intimidate civilians in Gaza and impose pressure on resistance movements because in the event of a large-scale operation, people will experience food and water shortage and a chaos environment will be created. Yet, there is one thing which should be noted, Israel’s attacks have been small-scaled so far. The people in Gaza are prepared for a large-scale operation and they are never afraid of Israel’s threats.”

Israel breaks ceasefire

Although a ceasefire was declared on Sunday night among Palestinian groups, Israel broken this ceasefire by continuing its attacks on Gaza. Hamas Spokesperson Abu Ubeyda said Hamas does not have to abide by the ceasefire with Israel. It is noted that Gazans think resistance movements should respond to Israeli attacks.

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