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Istanbul Center for Culture and Education
IHH (The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief), has launched Istanbul Center for Culture and Education in Sarayevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The center, visit
Balkans, BosniaandHerzegovina 08.04.2010

Orphaned by the fall of the Ottoman Empire, so to speak, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s struggle to survive in the Balkans continues, despite its declaration of independence by The Wise King Aliya Izzetbegovic. One of the biggest threats facing Bosnian Muslims is cultural and religious corruption.


IHH, contributes to the cultural, social and educational scene with the projects they run. One more project has been added to such campaigns by the Foundation; Istanbul Center for Culture and Education opened its doors in Sarayevo. 


The opening ceremony, has received enormous attention, was host to Suad ef. Berbic, Chief Advisor of the Head of Stari Grad Municipality, Necad Kolco, the Head of Novo Sarayevo Municipality, Osman Atalay and Emin Sirin who are IHH Administrative Board Members, Mukadder Tanok Kırbas, IHH Aid Coordinator for Bosnia, Mostar’s Mayor Admir Pozderovic, Nazim Halilovic from Islamic Union of Mudarriseen, Air Bosnia Manager Okan Uluocak, Salih Kansu, Head of Turkish Airlines’ Sarayevo Office, Nevzat Yesiller from TIKA, Cultural Attaché Hasan Huseyin Ozturk, Artists Zeyd Soto and Eldin Huseinbegovic, Professors Halil Mehtic, Mustafa Hasani, Kenan Music, Amina Siljak and numerous other guests from the general public.


Feyza Tanok Sehbajraktarevic gave a short speech at the opening ceremony of Istanbul Center for Culture and Education, thanking IHH for their work in Bosnia. Eldin Huseinbegovic, a famous local artist, accompanied by young students trained at the newly opened center performed Islamic Music.

In addition to language courses, Holy Quran and computer training classes will be held at the Center. Seminars are planned to be carried out at Istanbul Center for Culture and Education in order to create public awareness, where orphans, families of martyrs and those who are in need will be offered humanitarian aid.

Mrs. Erdogan visits the center

Emine Erdogan, who arrived in Bosnia Herzegovina together with Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkish Republic, paid a visit to Istanbul Center for Culture and Education. Emine Erdogan, on her visit which she conducted as soon as she arrived in the country, had talks with the officers at the Center and their students. Erdogan, who listened with attention while she was provided with information on the activities held out at the Center, emphasized the significance of such work in the Balkan Peninsula. Mrs. Erdogan said that she wished similar projects to be carried out into other Balkan countries. Students seemed very pleased with the close attention they received from Emine Erdogan. During her visit, she is also presented with a shield award for her sensible and supportive approach towards cultural activities.

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