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The underpriveleged of Kenya smile with the arrival of Ramadan
With hours left until the beginning of Ramadan, those in need within the Muslim world received packs from the IHH distribution teams that travelled to Kenya as part of the 2014 Ramadan campaign.
Kenya 28.06.2014
With the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, IHH has reached to those in need from Bosnia, Chad, Turkmenistan and Kenya and to all those in the Muslim world. Within this scope, a four people IHH team have set out from Istanbul to Nairobi, capital of Kenya. Within the African continent of nearly 40 million people, there are almost 12 million Muslims who live in Kenya.
IHH, in order to assist  the Kenyan Muslims has partnered with local organisation “Kenya Muslims Foundation Association” to deliver the necessary aid. IHH teams, in the first stage have visited the Dahahabu Girls Orphanage in Nairobi which houses between 35-40 girls. Aged between 1 yrs old and 15 yrs old, the girls were elated to see the IHH visitors. In a small room where the girls have their lessons,  they old pray their daily prayers and pray together.
No slippers for their feet
As a result of the living standards of the girls in the orphanage the IHH acted on their needs immediately. Living on a simple rice meal, the orphans were living in dire circumstances. To be able to meet their meal needs, they would subsist on meals that had little nutritional value. Their sleeping quarters is a fifteen square metre room with four bunk beds, whilst many didn't have any footwear whatsoever. Despite their adverse circumstances, the orphans hold onto life and the smallest amount of affection gave them so much happiness.
Religious lessons for children
The children receive lessons such as mathematics, and geography from their Kenyan teachers, as well as also taking their religious lessons completing a wide variety of lessons throughout the day. Whilst the younger girls take their lessons in the orphanage itself the older girls attend the school that's in the grounds. The orphanage operates only on private donations paying for the rent and also for the teachers wages.
Answering questions through prayer
School principal Mudure Habu explained how happy he and the girls were,  as a result of the IHH team assistance and visit whilst the young girls answered with a grateful prayer to show their gratitude. A separate visitors book is also at the orphanage, for those who wish to leave a note and date of their visit. It was noted that the last visitors at the orphanage was over 20 days ago.
Adaq and Aqeeqah meat for Muslim families
IHH teams distributed 10 adaq aqeeqah to those Muslim families who were residing in the Kibira town near Nairobi and they also distributed Ramadan packs to 200 families living in the Huruma region. In Huruma, basic needs such as flour, sugar, oil, and rice were contained in the pack, enough to last for the month of Ramadan. Coming to receive a pack with her two year old daughter, Bahia Damisi thanked the donations that had arrived from the people of Turkey, saying “May Allah help those who sent and delivered the aid to us. Please do not forget us”.
They haven't had meat for months
Afterwards, another project was completed with the distribution of 10 adaq aqeeqah qurbani to 150 families living  in the Kibira region of Nairobi. Slaughtered according to Islamic law, the meat was distributed equally to all the families and distributed at Sheikh Mahmut Kulliyah,  the main meeting point for the Muslims. This kulliye is also where the open iftars will be held, aimed specifically at the poverty stricken families and orphans. The distribution of the meat and the packets provided great joy to those families who had not had meat for months.


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