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Eid gifts to Comoran children
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation teams who spread to 95 countries during Eid al-Adha also visited orphans around the world. The team slaughtered qurbanis in the African country of the Comoros also s
ComorIslands 22.11.2011

IHH Qurbani Aid Team, who performed Qurbani slaughterings in the Comoros, an island nation off the eastern coast of Africa, also visited the orphanages in the country. They carried out various humanitarian activities in the Comoran capital Moroni and provided aid in cash to orphans and to an orphanage with 126-child capacity.

In addition to dinner organization and activities like a tour to the open ocean with the orphans, IHH team paid visits to a number of national authorities and received information on the local needs.

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54,000 loaves of bread for camps in Syria per day
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4 permanent works in Sierra Leone
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Afghanistan Orphans’ Joy
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