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Girls' Dormitory opened in North Macedonia
The brand-new Şule Yüksel Şenler University Dormitory for Female Students opened its doors In North Macedonia.
Macedonia 27.10.2022

North Macedonia’s Ensar Culture, Solidarity and Education Association that has been operating for 15 years has just hosted an inauguration ceremony for a new building of Şule Yüksel Şenler Girls' Dormitory. The Rabve Science and Service Foundation, Ensar Foundation, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Osmangazi Municipality, Üsküdar Municipality, and Eftinija Impex provided assistance for the initiative led by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.



"At the opening ceremony, IHH Board of Trustee member Osman Atalay said that they went to the opening of a youth center in Skopje three days ago, which IHH helped fund, and that they were happy to be at the opening of the dormitory. Atalay said, "As institutions, we should prioritize permanent, strategic projects and works that focus on the important and urgent needs of the regions in the medium and long term." He also said that the work of Turkish institutions in the Balkan region has grown.


Plaques were given over to the individuals and organizations that helped fund the dormitory after remarks were given.

The ceremony ended with a prayer led by Mustafa Mesten, Counsellor for Religious Services at the Turkish Embassy in Skopje, and a visit to the dormitory building.

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