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Let your donations bring smile to the poor
Aid workers of the IHH have started distributing food packs to needy families in a number of provinces so that they can have enough food supplies in forthcoming Ramadan.

Charity organizations have mobilized to deliver donations of benevolent people to people in need as month of Ramadan approaches.

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has sent aid workers to several provinces to deliver food packs.

Aid trucks dispatched from Istanbul have reached Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Batman, Bitlis and Van. Food packs will be given to 350 families in Şanlıurfa, 250 in Mardin, 300 in Batman, 150 in Bitlis, 250 in Tatvan and 400 in Van. Food packs will have reached all designated provinces within a certain period of time.  

A food pack contains 14 basic food items such as cooking oil, sugar, flour, pulses, pasta, olives, instant soup, salt, tea, canned food, jam, sauce, etc.

The IHH Mobile kitchen will visit 25 cities in Ramadan and distribute hot food to approximately 65,000 people at fast-breaking time. 

The foundation will be organizing Ramadan activities in 61 countries and 60 provinces of Turkey.

25 500 food packs to be distributed in Turkey

The IHH has set donation amount for various aid items: 60 Turkish liras (TL) for a food pack, 70 TL for clothing an orphan, 5 TL for a fast-breaking dinner and 25 TL for stationery materials to needy students.  

The foundation is aiming to reach out to 1m people with zakat, fitr and sadaqah donations of charitable people. 

Companies and enterprises can donate to the foundation through food banking system and register the donation amount as tax write-off. Consult www.ihh.org.tr for detailed information.

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