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Letter to Gaza from the Family of Rachel Corrie
We send you this letter, and with it our shared hope, dream, and commitment for a better tomorrow for us all. We wish that we could come to you ourselves, and bring with us something more substantial
Palestine 05.07.2011

Strangely, our family's work today takes us to Haifa, rather than to Gaza.  We have spent the last sixteen months pursuing a civil lawsuit against the State of Israel and its Ministry of Defense for the wrongful killing of our daughter Rachel  in Rafah in 2003.  What we are learning in court sheds important light, not only on what happened to Rachel, but on what has happened to all who have come under attack in Gaza.  We have spoken to U.S. government officials in Congress, the State Department, and the White House in attempts to strengthen their understanding of Gaza and to encourage changes in policy here in the U.S.  Clearly, that work has not yet been successful, but we are committed to sustaining the effort until it is.  In the meantime, we will also continue to speak to individuals and groups at a grassroots level in the United States and elsewhere.  The attitude of people round the world is quickly changing.  With increased understanding that the situation in Gaza cannot be allowed to stand, comes an increased resolve that it shall not stand.  Where the people lead, their leaders must surely follow!

We have come to visit you four different times.  Never has the trip for us been about what we were able to bring to Gaza.  Rather, our memories are full of those things we carried away in our hearts as we returned home. We cherish our friends in Gaza, not because we share with you a tragedy, but because you have shared with us your strength, your dignity, and your “sumud” (steadfastness).

We wish we could share more with each other, but this is enough for today. Enough shared strength to take the next step, enough shared resolve to take the steps after – all steps on a journey that will bring us together in a shared future that is equally bright for all our children.  Insh'allah.

With love and in solidarity,

Craig and Cindy Corrie

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