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“Make a sacrifice for Gaza” Campaign
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Esenler Municipality and İlim Kültür (İKRA) Association have launched a 4 day aid campaign for Gaza.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza 27.09.2014

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Esenler Municipality and İlim Kültür (IKRA) Association have launched a 4 day aid campaign for Gaza.

IHH, Esenler Municipality and IKRA Association joined in for the aid of Gaza. The three organization jointly launched a campaign with the "make a sacrfice for Gaza" slogan. An aid campaign tent was set up at the Esenler Dörtyol Square for the four day event. Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu, IHH President Bülent Yıldırım, IKRA Association Founding President Emin Atalay and many citizens attended the opening ceremony of the aid tent.

At the event Qur'an was read and films were shown that was prepared in relation to events experienced in Gaza.

During the time of the aid campaign, journalists, artists, representative of various civil society organizations will help share the human tragedies that is happening in Gaza and in the country. Some of the relatives of the veterans and martyrs on the Mavi Marmara also came to show support to the campaign at the Esenler Dörtyol Square.


Speaking at the program IHH President Yıldırım, stated that in the upcoming days there may be another upsetting war in Gaza between Israel and Gaza, because the Muslim youth are not being allowed to enter the Al Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds but the Jews are allowed to enter.


Yıldırım stated that Israel is raising the tension intentionally and also said that:

"The association between Hamas and The Palestiniain Liberation Organization helped the formation of the government and this is making Israel nervous. Israel is still not allowing construction materials enter in to the country. Also, the fisherman had a deal to go up to a certain distance, but Israel began to strike again. Israel is a liar. No one should believe Israel. Israel only understands force, therefore Islamic countries should come together and reveal their power. We have to educate our people, around Turkey the two facing of Israel is being explained. In relation to this topic this program is being conducted with the collaboration of İKRA Association and Esenler Municipalty. May it be full of blessings."


The Esenler Mayor tevfik Goksu said that he is one of the municipalities who went to Gaza and that the embargo is still continuing. Goksu, who stated that Esenler and Gaza are fellow Municipalities said "we are aiding Gaza in tools and equipment in which they are in need of. Last week I spoke the Gazan Municipality. They notified us of their needs, and we are working towards fulfilling them. IHH and IKRA foundation have started a “Make a sacrifice for Gaza" campaign. We aim to create awareness by using the memoirs of the Gazan's.


Goksu, who stated that they will be starting a bigger campaign after Eid-Al-Adha said "In Esenler there is close to twenty seven thousand buildings. After Eid-Al-Adha we are going to make these twenty thousand buildings brothers with those in Gaza. We want to build a bridge. Those who live in Gaza are going to come to these people who live in the Esenler buildings to cover their needs. "


The President of IKRA Association, Emin Atalay stated that Gaza has not be an ordinary city for them for over the last 20 years. He said that Gaza has made many sacrifices for the Ummah and for themselves. 

After their discussion they attended the program, they made a money donation to IHH's donation box. They event is going to continue till Monday the 29th of September.


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