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March for free Quds
“March For Free Quds” is going to happen in order to commemorate the 5th year of Israel’s attack on Mavi Marmara flagship of Gaza Freedom Flotilla.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza, Turkey 12.05.2015

“March For Free Quds” is going to happen in order to commemorate the 5th year of Israel’s attack on Mavi Marmara flagship of Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

IHH is going to organize “March for Free Quds” on 31st May 2015 at 17.00 that will start from Fatih Mosque toward Edirnekapı Martyr's Cemetery where those killed in Mavi Marmara are buried.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla organizers and participants will voice out their message to the world in the march for free Quds where the families and loved ones, representatives from national and international NGOs as well as human rights groups, community leaders, artists, journalists, local and foreign activists, Palestinian orphans and their families as well as the friends of Palestine will be in attendance.

Head of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Att. Bülent Yıldırım called out to the hearts and conscience of people: “Israel’s power has declined in this attack, she was isolated. They are making their best to make the world forget about it. We did not forget it, we won’t let it be forgotten. Hence, we will gather with thousands of people on Sunday on 31st May in Fatih Mosque. We will show to all that we are strong. We welcome everybody to the march which is important for our country.”

Why do we march?


-Mavi Marmara is a part of the struggle of Quds / Palestine. Its goal is the removal of the blockade. Our responsibility to put efforts toward removal of the blockade remains.

– Peace loving nations are against Israel. The entire Turkish nation is with Mavi Marmara and against Israel. We would like to highlight this once more.

– According to Zionists the only solution favouring Israel is “to remove Mavi Marmara from the pages of history, to cover it up and erase it from the memories and conspire it be forgotten”. We won’t let that happen.

– As all sections of Gaza Freedom Flotilla and the brave and good souls that meet at Mavi Marmara we salute our 10 fallen brothers, all the young people who resist oppression in the world, all the humanitarian workers risking their lives while delivering aid at the regions of crisis.

– The unity, solidarity and integrity will be hope to all the oppressed people.

On May 31 at 17:00 we are meeting up at Fatih Mosque and march to the graves of our fallen brothers in Mavi Marmara.

We would like to invite all whose hearts beat for Quds and Masjid Aqsa to join this march, which will bring together friends coming from Palestine and the friends of Palestine.


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