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Mass killings in Tremseh, Hama
Hundreds of Muslims have been killed in Hama by Syrian government forces.
MiddleEast, Syria 13.07.2012

The attack by Syrian security forces on the village of Tremseh with heavy weaponry on Thursday night resulted in the death of hundreds of Muslims. 

Syrian opposition sources reported that the death toll in the operation by Syrian security forces on Tremseh with heavy weapons passed 267.

According to the opposition statements, many of the victims, among them women and children, had been killed by slitting their throats or by hanging.

Families of the killed, some of them by burning, are searching for bodies in the fields and in the Orontes River, the village is besieged by security forces, telephone and power lines have been cut, opposition sources reported. 

More than 300 wounded people are reported to be in dire need of medical treatment.

Over 150 bodies have been brought to the village mosque and the death toll is feared to rise.

The settlement area was surrounded by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad. All the houses were destroyed in the bombardment. People from every family were killed. Hundreds were killed. The bodies were taken to a mosque, survivors of the attack said.

Another activist named Ahmad, a member of the Union of Hama Revolutionaries, reported more than 220 people had been killed, 20 of them had been identified, and 60 bodies had been carried to the mosque. He added that there were more bodies in the fields, in the houses and in the rivers and people were being killed while trying to escape.  

In a massacre in Hama 30 years ago, around 40,000 Syrians had been slaughtered.

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