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Massacre in Arakan!
Violence in Arakan, which is under the occupation of Myanmar, rapidly grows following the killing of 10 Muslims from the Tablighi Jamaat last week.
Arakan 10.06.2012

When two Muslim youths were killed by gunfire last week following Friday prayers, Arakanese Muslims gathered in squares to protest the attitude of the military regime. It is reported that 200 more Muslims were also killed after the Burmese military toughened its stance. It is even claimed that the number of martyrs is more and the military regime keeps it secret to prevent the spread of the incidents further. In addition, the workplaces of Muslims are plundered or set on fire due to a curfew imposed on Muslims.

The striking aspect of the incident is that the Burmese media claim that the incidents were spurred following the rape and murder of an ethnic Arakanese Buddhist woman last month. It is feared that these incidents will force Arakanese Muslims to take refuge in neighboring countries.

As it is known millions of Arakanese Muslims live as refugees under difficult circumstances in neighboring countries mainly in Bangladesh due to pressure from Buddhist regime. 

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