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March on the Mavi Marmara's 13th anniversary
On the thirteenth anniversary of the attack by occupying Israel on the Mavi Marmara ship carrying humanitarian assistance supplies to Gaza under embargo, a march with the slogan "For the Freedom of Al-Quds" was organized. Thousands of people marched from the courtyard of the Fatih Mosque to Beyazt Square in an event organized by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, IHH Youth, and Mavi Marmara Association.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza 03.06.2023

A march was held on the anniversary of the attack on the Mavi Marmara Ship, which set out to bring aid to Gaza, by the occupying Israel on May 31, 2010, in which 10 humanitarian aid volunteers were martyred and many humanitarian aid volunteers were injured.

Organized by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, IHH Youth, and Mavi Marmara Association, the march started at the Fatih Mosque courtyard and ended at Beyazıt Square.


"The West is a bystander to the genocide in Gaza"

At the end of the march, a recitation of the Holy Quran was performed in Beyazıt Square. Addressing the participants after the recitation of the Holy Quran, IHH Youth President Muhammed Cihad Çelik said, "Mavi Marmara set out to take off the embargo that turned Gaza into an open-air prison. Unfortunately, the embargo is still continuing in front of the eyes of the whole world. Western states, which even banned Russia from football tournaments due to the war between Russia and Ukraine today, remain bystanders to the systematic genocide in Gaza. Israel still continues to bomb civilian settlements."


"Our voyage continues"

Stating that Israel is a threat not only for Palestinians but for all Islamic countries, Çelik continued as follows "Israel is one of the biggest national security issues of Islamic countries. The absence of official borders is the biggest proof of this. If Islamic countries spent the effort they put forth for normalization with Israel on normalization with Palestine, there would be no such problem as Israel. Mavi Marmara has brought the Palestinian cause to a very strong point in world public opinion. Our voyage is not over. We are still marching, running, and struggling. Mavi Marmara has not been forgotten. We are running to the same destination with more vigor, more enthusiasm, and more excitement. From here, we call out to the leaders of all Islamic countries. As the youth of this ummah, we prefer the honor of the ummah, and we ask you for Free Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque."


"Al-Quds is the cause of all Muslims, not just ours."

Fawzi El-Juneyd, who was arrested blindfolded by over 20 Israeli forces in 2017 and became a symbol of the Palestinian resistance, also spoke in the region. Al-Juneyd expressed his joy at participating in the march commemorating the 13th anniversary of the Mavi Marmara, saying, "The Al-Quds cause is not only our cause but the cause of all Muslims. "If we do not struggle, the persecution will continue.  Your being here means a great deal to us. Because of your support, the Palestinian people will never forget you."


"We will set out for Al-Aqsa Mosque"

The President of Mavi Marmara Association, Beheşti Ismail Songür, reminded that they have been fighting for the law in Turkey and in the world for 13 years since the attack on Mavi Marmara by Israel. Songür said, "In Palestine, massacres have been committed almost every day for the last 75 years. We will set out again for Palestine, Gaza, Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque. If we had a thousand lives, we would sacrifice a thousand of them without thinking."


"Mavi Marmara was the name of an ideal"

Stating that Mavi Marmara set out to draw the world's attention to the Israeli oppression and to deliver aid to Gaza, Özgür-Der President Rıdvan Kaya said, "May God grant us the days when we pray in liberated Al-Quds."


Mazlum-Der President Kaya Kartal said, "Mavi Marmara was not just a ship. It was the name of an ideal," he said.


"Al-Quds is our red line"

Mustafa İluk, the provincial president of the Hak-ş Confederation in Istanbul, stated, "Al-Quds is our red line. We will continue our struggle for Al-Quds, Inshallah. I pray that Allah will have compassion on our brothers who were killed on the Mavi Marmara."

After the melodies performed by Mehmet Ali Aslan, the program concluded.

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