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May 31: And humanity carries on its journey
The Freedom Flotilla that set sail for Gaza with over 700 humanitarian aid volunteers from 37 countries and with different languages, religions, races and ages met the bloody Israeli attack on the mor

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla had set out in the name of humanity. The Israeli attack targeted humanity. Thousands gathered at Taksim Square of Istanbul at one year anniversary of the attack on the Freedom Flotilla. The families of the martyrs and tens of activists who had taken part in the flotilla and were in Istanbul for the commemoration program once again condemned the attack, paid homage to the martyrs and voiced support to Palestine. 

The Israeli attack happened before the eyes of public. The details of what happened in the attack that is one of the most serious crimes against humanity in the world history and was documented in many ways has been recorded in history on the anniversary of the attack with “Mavi Marmara/Gaza Freedom Flotilla” and “Freedom Flotilla through Language of Global Conscience: Interviews with Passengers” books printed by IHH Book.   

Israeli attack on humanity enraged world

Reacting to Israel’s attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla tens of thousands of people from Asia to Europe, from America to Africa and the Balkans thronged streets. Israel was protested across the world with global reaction. In Caracas, Dakar, Shah Alam, in tens of countries in the West and the East, thousands protested Israel’s massacre. In the wake of the attack, the illegality of the Israeli action was documented in a report by International Fact-finding Mission created by the United Nations Human Rights Council. Flotilla participants took the case to the International Criminal Court and filed lawsuits at national and international courts. The relief supplies confiscated by Israel could only be delivered to Gaza under UN supervision.      

Gaza Freedom Flotilla stands on with expanded vision

A year has passed since the May 31 attack and ongoing tragedy in Gaza and Israel’s relentless embargo have a broad repercussion across the world. Egypt has opened Rafah border crossing with Gaza and now allows entry of basic necessities into the region, but Israel’s blockade remains in place. In order to lift the blockade altogether and help the people of Gaza live as humanly as possible the Freedom Flotilla II is getting underway. The flotilla to be participated by volunteers from over 100 countries and arranged by 22 main organizers is setting sail to Gaza at the end of June with 15 ships.   

The search of millions of people in the world for rights and justice will continue.

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