IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Meaningful aid from South Korea to Van
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and South Korean relief organization Good Neighbors have delivered humanitarian aid to the quake victims in eastern province of Van.

Good Neighbors is an aid organization which has offices in 25 countries and 2,000 employees.

Seong Ha Eun Marcellino, an official from Geneva, represented the Good Neighbors during aid distribution in Van.  

Working in coordination with Van Aid Coordination Center, IHH prepared 435 food packages for quake victims. The packages were delivered to those living in villages, which were damaged most by several powerful quakes last year, and other quake victims who live under very harsh winter circumstances in the city center.

Food packages include basic food items such as sugar, tea, jam, halva, olive, cheese, sesame seed paste etc. Accompanied by Seong Ha Eun Marcellino, IHH teams delivered the food packages to the residents of the Dağönü village first where 15 people were killed in the quakes.

IHH teams also visited the quake victims who live in the IHH-Van Temporary Housing Center. Distribution of aid packages which took place in harsh winter circumstances ended with the delivery of aid packages to the quake victims living in Urartu and Faki Teyran container cities in the city center. 

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