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Muslim Brotherhood Press Conference
Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar who is one of the leading names of the Muslim Brotherhood organized a press conference in Istanbul. Abdel Ghaffar said that they organized the press conference in order to giv
Egypt, Turkey 08.02.2011

The Muslim Brotherhood the most popular opposition group in Egypt where the demonstrations have been held for sixteen days held a press conference in Istanbul and declared that the demonstrations are to continue until Mubarak steps down. In the conference held in Topkapi Eresin Hotel in Istanbul one of the Muslim Brotherhood's leading names Dr.Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar claimed that the disinformation on the Egypt demonstrations is being spread, he said "Once in our life we want to see a president who left his chair before he died. The demonstrations will be continued as long as the regime remains. If the people will step down, Mubarak and his men will start to take revenge immediately. More than 40% of the Egyptians are living under the poverty line. People warned Mubarak many times. People said that they could not stand for this regime and for this government and people are already determined not to continue with Mubarak's son. We suffered a lot from the Mubarak family."

Dr.Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar also said that the Egyptian government stirred trouble up amongst the Egyptian people. Abdel Ghaffar supported the demonstrators and saying that "It is believed that the recent church attack organized by the                 Minister of Internal Affairs. What kind of government tried to cause conflict amongst its people?"

Abdel Ghaffar continued his speech by saying “Wants to stay until September. He wants to prepare himself for a new stage. If Mubarak's offer is accepted and the people step back, Mubarak and his men will take revenge on the people. We didn't see it anywhere as that the governor set all the prisoners free and told them to kill the demonstrators. We want a civil and democratic state. The people will choose their own government and they will overthrow the government when they want. We can see as a model all the civil governments whose people are free."

After his speech, Dr.Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar took the questions. Upon a question why he did the press conference in Istanbul he stated "Not only in Turkey but also in UK and France the members of the executive board are making same explanations. Our aim is to inform the people of Turkey by first hand with clear and correct information. The world has to know the truth."

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar claimed that the system in Egypt is in the interest of Israel by pointing that Egypt sells the gas cheaper to Israel than any other Arab states including her own citizens. Abdel Ghaffar criticized Israel which ties up the cheapest gas from Egypt for 20 years. On the Gaza siege he said "The whole world thinks that it is wrong and unlawful. Human dignity does not accept this. Egypt is the only state to break the embargo. Egypt has common frontier with Gaza. The people of Gaza are our people. The people of Gaza, the people of Palestine, all the people of the all Arab states are our own people. How can a state imprison one and half million people in a besieged territory? This is unreasonable. This is unacceptable. Hosni Mubarak didn't listen to the people of Egypt. He listened to only America and Israel."

Abdel Ghaffar also said that the people of Egypt didn't take any kind of monatery help from a foriegn state. He said that the people int he Tahrir Square take care of theirselves by their own money. 

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