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Muzaffargarh State Hospital urgently needs a new dialysis machine
There is a shortage of dialysis machines at the Muzaffargarh State Hospital. The hospital which serves for 3.5 million people and treats 2.500 people daily is waiting for support from charity givers f
SouthAsia, Pakistan 04.03.2011

The state hospital which is located in Muzaffargarh in Pakistan’s Punjab district is waiting for the donations of the Turkish benefactors. 

Women and men are treated in the same single-room dialysis center due to the poor circumstances at the hospital, which leads to various problems. Doctor Muhammad Ekber, head of the dialysis center at the hospital, said there are only 25 doctors and 12 beds in all the units of the hospital as he added: “More than 2.500 patients seek treatment at the hospital daily. It is impossible to work under these circumstances but Pakistan has faced many big problems recently. So, we had to admit women and men dialysis patients at the single-room dialysis center together. This is a big problem. This is a very big problem both for our patients and for us but we are unable to solve this problem through our own means today.”

Making inspections at the hospital, members of the IHH team told the officials at the hospital that the construction of the additional dialysis center will be completed as soon as possible. Mehmet Kara, a member of the IHH executive board and IHH Pakistan coordinator, said they were informed about the problems at the Muzaffargarh State Hospital a short while ago and they immediately took action to solve the hospital’s problems. “We are here to deal with every problem of the brother country Pakistan. Our benevolent people have commissioned us to deal with the problems of our brothers and sisters in this far geography. One of the most important areas we need to extend a helping hand is the healthcare sector. The new dialysis center we will establish here will be a great hope for hundreds of thousands of our Pakistani brothers and sisters. Now, health services are offered under very poor circumstances. It is our duty to sort these problems out. As the IHH, we assumed the construction of the new dialysis center. Allah willing, we expect donations from our benevolent people,” he said. 

Donations from the charity givers are expected for the purchase of new dialysis machines. The cost of a new dialysis machine is around TL 50.000 while the construction of a new dialysis center has a cost of TL60.00, which makes the total cost TL110.000. The project which is urgently needed by the Muzaffargarh State Hospital waits for support from charity givers to be implemented.

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