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Nepali Muslim extended help in Ramadan
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation carried out distribution of food packages in Nepal as part of its global Ramadan aid campaign. IHH is supporting people in need across Nepal and is particularly assi
SouthAsia, Nepal, Turkey 06.08.2012

IHH delivered food packages to impoverished Nepali Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Aid teams of the foundation distributed food packs among 750 families and are planning to raise the number to 1,000 until the end of Ramadan. The teams are also offering iftar meals to around 2,000 people in different parts of Nepal.

IHH stood by the Nepali who have recently converted to Islam and extended assistance to them as part of Ramadan aid efforts. The foundation is providing shelter and education facilities to new converts to Islam in Nepal, dubbed the land of temples.

Called as the only Buddhist kingdom in the world, Nepal is a seeing a fast growing Muslim community. Nepali youngsters are particularly interested in Islam and research the religion. However, people who convert to Islam face extreme pressure from their families and community since the country is predominantly Buddhist. 

The youth and women endure many difficulties ranging from being expelled from house to beating and being cast out of community if they accept Islam as their faith. IHH, in cooperation with local HUDA Foundation, is providing support to new converts to Islam. 

Assisting newly converted Nepali Muslims with education and accommodation facilities, providing vocational training and training in Islamic subjects and Quran are some of the activities undertaken by IHH and HUDA Foundation.

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