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New threat to Syrians: Water scarcity
There is scarcely any water in Syria where the civil war has been continuing and it is nearly impossible to find fresh water recently.
Syria 06.06.2014

In the fourth year of the war, many of the people in Syria lost their lives because of air and ground attacks carried out by the regime powers. In the recent times the number of deaths has been increasing because of hunger and thirst and as the summer has come the water problem turned into a serious crisis in the region.

Impressing that one of the most important problems in Syria is lack of water, IHH press-secretary in the region, Burak Karacaoğlu said ¨There is scarcely any water in Syria. Finding fresh water is nearly impossible. The country already face a shortage of water resources and currently the regime is cutting the water through the regions where the opponents live. This causes epidemic illnesses to emerge and spread because people cannot have bath and cannot drink fresh water.¨

Pointing out that epidemic illnesses have been increasing because of water scarcity in Atmeh Camp that is near Reyhanlı border, Karacaoğlu mentioned that in the camp where over 30 thousand people live, there is scarcely any fresh water to drink and the available water cannot meet the bathroom and lavatory needs of the people.

¨Epidemics May Threaten Turkey, too¨

Implying that as IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, they started an aid campaign about the issue Karacaoğlu said ¨We continue to examine people against epidemic illnesses. We will launch various vaccination campaigns. But these are not enough. This situation has become really critical and it may threaten Turkey, too.¨

Noting that the problem of epidemic illnesses will increase in summer, Karacaoğlu said that in order to prevent this problems from growing, medicines and healthcare materials should be transferred to the region immediately.

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